We have received many questions regarding on how we come up with our weekly rankings.

First, we need to cover which games are actually considered by our staff.

  •  We only rank North Carolina based teams.
  •  We only look at results from North Carolina based tournaments.
  •  Your team must of played another North Carolina based team.

If you are playing in a NC based tournament that includes out of state opponents,  we will not factor any games against out of state opponents.

You will get credit for any wins or losses for games against other NC based teams, even if the tournament includes out of states opponents.

Example, tournament based in Asheville NC.

Team A from Asheville plays against Team B from Marion.  Team A beats Team B.  That game counts.

In the second game, if team A plays team C from Knoxville TN, that game will not count towards team A rankings.

We simply cannot know the quality of teams out of the state of North Carolina so we cannot include those results in our weekly rankings.

As always, we look at quality of wins. We do not look at the margin of victory, just the final outcome.

The easiest way to move up the rankings is to simply win but winning against other top ranked teams are sure to boost you up more quickly!

Lastly, please understand that we use the results that are posted online through USSSA ,Top Gun, and Perfect Game.  We also utilize the GameChanger App when needed.

Currently, we are ranking 200+ teams in 8u, 9u, 10u.  This is literally hundreds of results every weekend to calculate and consider.

We do not skip over any results intentionally due to a team currently ranking low, all games are considered for all teams.

Our goal is to provide up to date rankings each week but occasionally we will make mistakes.  Common issues we deal with is USSSA, Top Gun, Perfect Game occasionally posting incorrect results on websites, team results being posted under two different names, ect.

Obviously, we can’t attend each tournament and verify each result with our on eyes.  We may see Team Powerbuilt won a tournament last week and then Team Powerbuilt Select lost the following week in a different tournament.  We don’t know if this is the same team or a program that has two different teams but we will rank them as separate teams until told otherwise.

Please bring it to our attention if any of these issues are currently showing on our website.  We will be glad to look at it and make changes to the rankings based on those changes.

Keep in mind, once rankings are posted for the week…any edits/changes due to incorrect data coming in later will typically be made in the next ranking update.

We strong encourage anyone to not hesitate if you find issue with our rankings, you can contact us through the Contact Us page (link is on the top right of the page as well).

Thanks for your support of NCRankings.com!