Every week, the NCRankings.com staff goes through all 8U, 9u, 10U results.  We take into consideration any game that a NC based team plays within the state of NC.  We do not factor in margin of victory, only wins and losses.  We do consider strength of opponent when factoring in the results.  For example, if you are scared of competition but win a tournament against low quality teams…don’t expect much of a bump!

We update our rankings weekly and week #1 is already published.

You can check out our rankings for each age group, North Carolina 8U, 9U, and 10U.

Currently, we don’t have a full top 25 team rankings as not enough teams have played but as the results come in then we will have a full top 25 for each age group going forward.

If you feel your team deserves a look from out staff, please use the Contact Us and we will be glad to look at your team results and consider them for next week rankings.