We are always looking for some tournaments featuring the top talent in the state, this week the 9u tournament in Knightdale is the place to be!

The tournament will be split in 2 divisions and the site director has managed this well so that we will see some excellent matchups.

#1 Wilson Pirates

#7 Sanford Spartans

#8 Dirtbags TR7

Plus,  Area Stars Blue, Sandhills Select, 9u XR, NCDB Rivercats are three teams that with a strong showing could find themselves in the top 25 of 9u NC baseball this week!

When a tournament features 3 of the top 8 teams in the state, you can bet they will be some EPIC games this weekend in Knightdale!

As everyone knows, when you want the best North Carolina travel baseball rankings, you come to NCRankings.com.

We look at every result, every week within EVERY tournament!

Which has us pondering….

Does NC have TOO MANY travel ball teams currently?

I am sure some have speculated this but just take into consideration these facts:

NC 8u Teams: 49

NC 9U Teams: 86

NC 10u Teams: 108

Now, they are some teams that still have not played a game so they aren’t even included in this count.

It will be interesting to see the final numbers, but the amount of teams thus far has been staggering.

Keep in mind, NCRankings  gives full rankings for all these teams, a total of 243 teams!

Is this too many teams to insure that the majority of teams are fielding a competent, competitive bunch of kids? Would less quantity but higher quality teams lead to better results for kids improving?

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